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よくある質問 Q & A

Is there live music?
We have 3 stages of jazz performed by a live band. Check out our live schedule for more details.
What's on the menu?
We take order from our selection of food and drinks.
What time are the live performances (Stage time)?
We have 3 stages a day starting at 18:30, 19:50 and 21:10. Each performed for approximately 45 minutes.
How much are the fees?
We charge ¥1,650 for entrance and additional for food and drinks.
(Entrance fee may vary due to the event on the day.)
Is the music charge (entrance fee) applicable to each stage?
It is valid for the day, so you may stay as long as you wish.
Are there any additional service charges?
We do not charge any additional service charges.
The sum of the entrance fee and orders will be your total.
Regarding entry and exit during performances.
You may enter or leave anytime during the performances.